Ariel porn videos with other Artists

Ariel porn videos with other Artists

In the virtual world is still much to save the photo Luna Maya Dance Aril and Cut, which he said there also get a video arie vs Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL)

All information media scene in because by Vodeo Porno Artists This Motherland. Porn Videos Never store your personal video especially with your spouse, it is very dangerous. Already proven if ariel can not keep his video collection, finally arrested dech.

Unfinished video cases involving Ariel, Luna Maya, and Cut Tari, police seem to be dealing with similar matters. Reported by the media that have been circulating the VCD is played by two people who love Ariel and Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL).

Police will correct video with more in-depth investigation to Ariel, which has been declared as suspects and detained. Police will also investigate the existence of the video.

Bunga Citra Lestari aka BCL was mentioned as one of the artists included in the list of 23 video belongs to Ariel. BCL assumption that the only issue to shore up sensational news.

According to him, their relationship (BCL and Ariel), only co-workers and have no special status as a lively discussion.

Golden Prawn Restaurant Batam

A few days ago Batam seventh anniversary of the television, they held the event in one of the leading restaurants in the city of Batam, Riau islands of Batam Golden Prawn. This restaurant used in the visit of the Caucasian people from various countries, some from singapore, germany, american, dutch, chinese, hongkong, and many more. But that does not mean local people (Indonesia) do not exist, local people are also a lot of visitors.

In the event clearly show lively and successful enough for a birthday party, besides that they are organizing various events, which were "motto jump higher."

Batam TV Television is a local electronic media, first in Batam, and TV media is a success until now until now reached seven years old. Congratulations and success of Batam Television, Hope continues to triumph selalau.

Golden Prawn Restaurant is a very humble, not arrogant, and friendly to people who come from small to big circles.

Golden Prown is not for the rich people or rich people, the Golden Prown not the middle to upper class, but classes evenly, because this direstauran anyone can eat the full. Especially in the context of this Golden Prown Ramadan Ramadan package the 40 thousand dollars. So no matter whether you are rich or poor, if you have money 40 thousand rupiah then you will eat the full.

Golden Prown actually often hold events pantastik, a series of such cross event, besides it is also very nice scenery in this area. Yes ... you would know if a place is located on the seafront, you can imagine if it was in place.

If you have time drop off was in Batam, Riau Islands of Indonesia, Enjoy the holidays while in Batam with the beauty of the city.


With tiny bodies Serve PSK High School Students

From the Guest Serve Up Style Nungging High School Students

BATUAJI, BN: It does not take much time to get close to Memei (a pseudonym), a prostitute who used to hang out at Sintai Localisation Tanjungucang Batam Riau Islands. About his experience serving man masher, not half-hearted, over the woman's birth 23 years ago that has been poor across the world night dozens of men who have never enjoyed the warmth of a widow without children. In fact, he remembered he had served more than 150 men masher.

Capital of the tiny body and olive skin, Memei melakoni this job a few months ago. Although not much mastered the various styles of love, but who have a nose Memei bangir and smooth-tongued guest is never wasted an opportunity to satisfy his guests. Memei story of a black piece of the world has never acknowledged by him aspired. Barely, just because of economic factors that cause women's long jump in west Java in the world or the world Eshek Eshek-sex.

Especially after she divorced her husband, like a really decent life expectancy, such as reaching the stars. Until dilakoninya any solicitation of prostitution. Disebuah bar that had just been built by the owner, Memei appear sitting cross-legged with both feet on cream-colored sofa. Although the day was not yet visible Memei primp, it still looks a pretty face. Tanktop Stelan beige trousers sleep transparent thin curves show the petite young woman Memei when it came closer.

No expression was disappointed when POSMETRO only took talking in front of the couch. We started to smoke a cigarette, she rose to suck smoke deep inside the atmosphere began to follow. When asked asked about the profession-ditekuninya, Memei seems silent. "Ah .... why such a question, this has become my choice," he said.

The woman was forced to make it through this profession sometimes have to be ready to receive good treatment and even less about the style of lovemaking from his guest. Not infrequently I, the audience asked about sex like strange things. "Ah but sometimes there are strange, cooking styles nungging asked, I told him no good, finally so sick of all," he said, occasionally sucking back cigarettes. Memei to his guest always tried to make sense. "Problems do not force anything, but just how it made him happy enough," he added.

For all ages ever served. Not even a little child who never enjoyed school. "Children like high school sometimes stray too, that there is also a womanizer. Umuran 50 years," he explained. Problem stamina, strength, shoulder-length haired woman was admitted like to consume jamu. So no surprise when he could serve his guests a lot to some people. "When I was in Basic jengkol, because crowded once in a night can be up to five people I ladeni," he said again.

When serving guests, Memei more happy to do their own preparation and strategy. When negotiating the price has been reached, does not need long to make his guests eagerly. "I usually stay open aja pants and sprawled on the mattress, he's not strong hold ..., straight naked, and nimpah me," commentator woman who rarely opened it naked while having sex.

But not infrequently by Memei, there is also a guest who wants to hurry because there is important business. "At that time there was also stale-moldy Singapore asked quickly, because she wants to go. He said that already like that, the guests had no choice but to direct action Memei working. We booked it, Memei not uncommon to see the mighty guest. Even to teens new minute can ejaculate. "Ever time until 15 minutes, but there is also only briefly already out 'itunya', instead of new sticks have come out aja," he said, smiling.

Asked safety wear (condoms) or not Memei biasaya asked his guest. "I'm usually asked if he had not the disease. Yes .... we also care not to illness, but sometimes there is not going to use condoms as well, but given the understanding," explained a woman who just graduated from elementary school.

In place of the new localization (Sintai Batam), Memei admitted happy. Because of all this, she went with her hubby who attentively. "It moved a month, so not many customers, business meals and all dependents papi, papi if you eat, I eat when ya can not do everything," he explained.

When asked when he will retire from the profession as a prostitute, Memei admitted immediately wanted to quit. We already have the capital, Memei kampong family claiming that they do not know the job is, say they want to go home. "But now it is still peceklik still, yes ......... dululah survive, much less crowded here," she said.

Sometimes the pendapatanya which was barely adequate, Memei can still send money to 500 thousand to the village. But with fierce competition in a new place, Memei will continue to put up a strategy to ensnare prey. "Yes, ready to compete, are both looking for a meal, as long as you keep the body," she said. (Tjo)

How to order the following Google Indexed Pages Tips and Tricks

Do you already have a blog ...? Then ... whether visitors to your blog a lot ......? and from where your blog visitors to arrive? blogwalking possible as one way to bring visitors, according to this aidil a trick called the ball, hihi ,,,,,,,, because we will get requests from friends behind the bloggers we've visited.

Well .... Did you know that this is not the only most powerful way to bring visitors, so ....? because we can only make requests or blogwalking to friends who already have a blog, though not everyone has a blog, and the number of bloggers were not as many users facebook or twitter, but make no mistake, if one's hobby saorang internet play but he was happy just facebook and twitter means he is not smart or not the person who wants smart. Tetpi if he hobby in Google search or other search engines means that it includes the smart and want more intelligent.

So most visitors coming from Where? the answer is from the google search engine, if a fellow blogger would have visited each of the links left by other bloggers, but general users will use google as a medium to find the information we provide on our blog site.

In general, people will come to your blog or website in order to seek information about something, take the example they are looking for information about selecting hosting tips so they will include tips on choosing keywords hosting for beginners to google the keyword field, then pressing enter or the button then browse will display a web page or an article or blog related to that keyword, for example, click on this link

How do I order an article or blog pages can be indexed by google even the most front pages?

There are several steps you should do, and these measures are often used when following seo contest because quite potent. Well ... following steps:

1. Privacy Settings. For wordpress users, the location of this setting in the settings menu>> privacy>> and select the option 'I would like my blog to be visible to everyone, including search engines (like Google, Bing, Technorati) and archivers.

2. Sitemap. Some say that the google sitemap can also make it easier to find our articles, for that we can make / install it using google xml sitemap plugin.

3. Blogwalking. The roads to other blogs while leaving a trail of links to your blog is also a very important way.

4. Social Bookmark. The legend says that google will put an article or a page that has an important position as an article or reference pages from other sites into its search results. That is, if our articles or links we have many articles on other blog pages, then our article would be considered important, one way is to submit links to articles in social bookmarking sites, it is suggested that DoFollow. There are many social bookmarking sites, both local and foreign.

This fourth mode appears to be a mainstay seo contest participants to earn and maintain your position on google searching and proved to be very powerful.

Ok, please you try, and hopefully useful ............

Please critique suggestions from friends and gentlemen, especially the additional knowledge of the brother-brother of all seo master.