Video Mesum SMP dan SMA Magetan

Indonesian Society Maospati District, District Magetan, since Monday (26/1/2009), the scene in a porn video is circulating that allegedly made the class IX student one of the local junior high school through the mobile phone (hp).

Video porno be less than one minute, the mem perlihat a nasty pair of beloved scenes is worthy husband-wife.

Information gathered news, its outstanding video porno into discussion many traders and buyers in the market Maospati, District Magetan.

"My own view has not the video, but from some friends that see. In fact, the child is SMP Negeri 1 Maospati," said Hardi (40), a visitor cafe in Market Maospati to the journalist, on Wednesday (28/1/2009).
Appropriate recognition of their view, he said, in the sordid scenes as in the room do. In fact, they do it quietly doing the forbidden.

However, when want to see the video evidence, the owner of hp in the sense of up to 2 hours-awaited tuggu also does not come.

Say, the scenes that no other porno called T (15), warga Dusun Nglorok, Kelurahan Kraton, Maospati District, District Magetan. Scene, the girlfriend is done with the T a student at SMU Negeri Maospati.

Some students of SMP Negeri 1 Maospati when the states meet feeling upset over its outstanding video porno it, but reluctant dimintai responses. "Wah, so sorry, I do not know menahu problem that mobile phone video porn," said Linda, a local schoolgirl. [jun / kun]

Tina (15), class IX students of SMP Negeri I Maospati, District Magetan, actors in the porn video that had to hebohkan, since Wednesday (28/1/2009) yesterday afternoon, remove it from the official at the school.

"The official concerned in the forth since yesterday because it was in the action indisipliner exceed the limit," said Head SMPN I Maospati, Adi Pramono Nurkiyat to the journalist, on Thursday (29/1/2009).

According to the rules according to its schools, this was never communicated to the parents or guardians students, if students who perform with the category violation point 100 should be excluded from school.

"Violations of Tina made exceeds the already high pitch point, it should automatically come out of school and have been submitted directly to the parents," he explained.

Related to the report, he said, parents can only learn Tina subject lethargic and sentimental when hearing the decision, and regret over the deeds that made his daughter. The school, officially making direct mail expenditure Tina's school.

"I Tina, where the school would move, I do not know. I need to submit a result of events, I received a phone call from many friends," it said.

He said that clarification to be done while Tina, the stall was that the information is just outstanding issues stark. However, when the cross check of the video of the teacher of his acquaintance, Tina finally admitted that if the ABG posing in porno video it is himself.

"With the evidence that, Tina was admitted. Bedar Alongside its video porno it, Tina alone since Wednesday (28/1/2009), the school does not have," demolished Nurkiyat again. [Jun / kun]

Based on the recognition of the team before the teacher, video porno Tina (15), class IX students of SMP Negeri I Maospati, District Magetan with girlfriend made it about a year ago in a room from his parents home contract.

In the video recording that be nasty about 56 seconds, the couple scenes the withdrawal of the girl who was taken up to now unknown identity.

"In the video, Tina rebahan are in the mattress without a sheet of cloth put on a variety of pose," said Head SMPN I Maospati, Adi Pramono Nurkiyat to journalists, on Thursday (29/1/2009).

Watchlist, revealed its post-case viedo porno, the house is now measuring 5 X 7 meters which contracted in the RT family Tina 6/RW 02, Kelurahan Kraton, District Maospati, looks deserted or closed meeting.

Some neighbors menutur kan, since beredarnya porno video case, the house was immediately quiet.

"Since yesterday, the house did not open the doors again to its home. Likelihood of shame over its outstanding porn video so the family returned to Tina Wonogiri, Central Java," said a close neighbor.

Reportedly, since its outstanding video porno, the house is now also the spectacle of people passing the road in addition to a speech community.

"We feel upset over the incident porno video, especially the junior high school students and citizens of their own. Tina If the father is rarely at home, because work as bus driver, Yogyakarta, Surabaya," said another neighbor. [jun / kun]


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