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The Peak Pub Batam present Duo Penelope, Celebrates Birthday

Peak Pub Owner, Felicia blow out birthday candles.
Performance Dou Penelope able to warm the visitors.

BATAM NIGHT: excitement and joy radiated from The Peak Pub on Thursday (15 / 9) night. The visitors pubs operating in the Vista Hotel was comforted by the presence of artists, Duo Penelope.

The presence of artists under the auspices of the flag of the leadership of Prince Love Charly ST 12 is of course welcomed by the clubbers of The Peak and the invited guests. "We present a new look with a lot of fun, because we already nine years old. At this celebration we also have prepared a variety of gifts for visitors, "said Norman, Manager of The Peak diselasela busy greeting guests.

Birthday night was entitled Duo Show Biz With Penelope, before the appearance of the two meanings of the capital, guests were entertained by the appearance of the band from Jakarta is D Theater Amroy Bands and DJs, who are able to make the atmosphere more alive and vibrant.

While the duo are just beginning tanpail Penelope at 23:00 pm. Display both artists are very quirky and sexy. This makes the clubbers that night jump up and down together with the thump of music he played. Not only the two virgin is just a night's entertain the visitors of The Peak, the presence of Ilham, Vocalist Nine Ball also managed to make the visitors rocked ria.

After-hour show at 0:00 pm, a large cake ultimately driven by waitres. Before the candle is blown, the clubers sang happy birthday song and musical accompaniment by DJ Amroy. "We hope that The Peak Pub longevity, and of course we always think of the guest is king at The Peak," said Norman.

After cutting the cake, then it was over the appearance of Penelope Duo clubers entertain the present at The Peak Pub. The sidelines of a break after a gig, Love said, "I am delighted to be to Batam today, because I was also born and raised in Batam.

Appearances before we brought the ten songs, and songs are the mainstay of our current song snail poison. I hope The Peak increases continue to age, "lid Love. (Mb7/tom)

Evavi Salons, Beauty Without Expensive Show

BATAM, Business: Shown beautiful, sexy and be the center of everyone's attention would be a dream of every woman. To get this, they often spend money to millions of dollars in beauty salons.

What if those who do not have a lot of money? Do not bnisa look beautiful? The answer would be, because at this time has come Salon Evavi. In this salon all kencantikan handling is done by a professional and use well-known products in the world. Yet the cost to be beautiful in the salon is not expensive, for example just for facials only dipaok Rp25 to Rp85 thousand thousand.

"The products we use from Mustika Ratu, La Tulip, Jhonson Biocos and Bless," said Dias, owner of Salon Evavi.
While Rebonding starting from 100 thousand to the price of Rp250 thousand Makarizo using the product.

"If for smothing, the customer just enough to pay the most expensive 150 and 300 thousand, we also Makarizo product's life," he said.

While that would curl your hair, Dias membandrol price Rp85 thousand to 200 thousand.
Well, for those who want memmanjakan body with fresh warm water and massage, gentle massage, salon Evavi also has presented the spa.

"Not expensive, only 150 thousand perpaketnya". In addition, Salon Evavi also receive rental penagntin clothes, carnival clothes, dance clothes, rent wedding tents, reception, seat, single organ, and also sells great salon Evavi trending range garment.

"We also provide herbal medicines that prevent cervical cancer. The disease is so feared by women," he explained.

To complement the beauty of households customers, Evavi Salon also provides a bed cover, bed sheets, clothes with the quality of the most expensive but the cheapest price. Well for you who want to look pretty please come directly to the address at the Salon Evavi Block E1 Malacca Legend number 13 or more precisely in front of Junior High School 12 Batamcentre. Or contact telephone number 081 270 031 899. (Mb6/one)

Complete Guitar Exhibition in Nagoya Hill

METRO, BUSINESS: Gita is the second musical instrument found in humans after gendrang or the now more familiar with the drum. String vibrations that produce unique and melodious voice is basically made of materials that are very simple. Along with the development time, guitars are designed in such a way and can even be tailored to the wishes of the owner.

Basically, the guitar is an instrument that simple. From a series of musical instruments, gitarlah the only one of the easiest musical instrument is played and can represent from all musical instruments that exist. Because each of the strings contained in a special adjustable guitar to produce sounds resembling or at least close to other musical instruments.

Because the simple and easy to learn, almost the average person can operate this muskin tool, even more than they see themselves are still very early age.

In terms of price, the guitar is also classified as very cheap, so do not be surprised if this one muskin tool is very easy to find nearly every home, especially those who are still teenagers.
Well, for those of you who want to add a collection of guitar or for those who want to have a guitar, do not hesitate to buy it. Especially at this time in Nagoya Hill, Nagoya, Batam is being held on guitar exhibition organized by Tomy Guitar. One of the largest musical instrument penjuualan store in the mall.
"This guitar is an instrument that populist, simple shape, the price is relatively easy and very easy to play," said Tomy on POSMETRO on the sidelines of the exhibition visitors busy serving on the ground floor (LG) Nagoya Hill.

A wide assortment of shapes, types and brands of guitars that are sold by these shops. Starting from the ukulele, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, to guitar with various functions.

"Lots of options that we offer to our customers," continued Tomy.
Although already very modren sort, but the guitars are marketed by it priced very cheap. For ukulele just for example, only priced starting from Rp180 thousand. Acoustic guitar only 350 thousand, as well as electric guitars and more.

"We also sell all types of guitar accessories and equipment, from the smallest milai like the pick, strings, keys, gloves up to the rope and cables and zoom tool vibration," he explained.

Well, for those of you who are interested in this one musical instrument, just come to Tomy Guitar guaranteed you will be satisfied with what is presented in the store. (Mb9/one) 

Restaurant Sate Jumbo, Great menu, great discount too

BATAM, BUSINESS: All menus are served at this restaurant different from other restaurants, not just taste more delicious, but also bigger and solid.
Sate Jumbo, as the name suggests, this satay is really expressed in extra-large sizes. Nevertheless, the comestible of chicken, beef and lamb is very tender and soft. Wrap any peanut sauce or ketchup seep down to every fiber of meat satay tersbut, eemm ... very, very enjoyable when dull dull beef after it was rocked by the college.
Well, now commonly Sate Jumbo we can only enjoy in pujasera Goden Land, Batam Centre it has opened a restaurant in Nagoya numbers, precisely in the Fund Complex Graha Gazebo, Nagoya Batam.
This location is very strategic, because it is right dijantungnya area of Batam's economy. In addition, with a relaxed restaurant design, the current Restaurant Sate Jumbo is also a hangout of teens and young executives and families.

"We deliberately make the gazebo-gazebo (table umbrella) is so perfect for consumers who want to relax and enjoy a meal while joking," said Bie San, the owner of Jumbo Satay when met at the sidelines of the busy, last weekend.

He explained, in addition to providing gazebo, Restaurant Sate Jumbo also provides a Lesbian and a stage for those who want a more relaxed, in addition to a number of dining table that is on the inside of the restaurant.
"We definitely want to enjoy our food more convenient, so we provide a variety of seating options," continued Bie San while showing those places.
In addition, for consumers who want to tamper with the note book or laptop, this restaurant also has provided free hotspots. "Want to browse or chat with friends can also be," he added.

Back to the menu, Restaurant Sate diverse not only sell, but also other country-level menus, such as fire kondro ribs, oxtail soup, grilled beef ribs, fried and so forth which of course served with jumbo menu as well.

"This weight of the meat when metah than 8 ounces," Bie said while pointing to the menu San Kondro Beef Ribs.
Presented in smoky conditions, kondro beef ribs are very tender, even so empuknya, with a spoon to eat any beef that can split apart.

"The menu can be enjoyed by four to five people," he said.
Kondro ribs are served by Restaurant Sate Jumbo is amazing. Gravy was so dirty, typical marinade ingredients, mixing feel. Enjoyment is not going kondro we can at other restaurants that sell a similar menu.

"We prefer the flavor and satisfaction. About the price it's number two, because the price was very relative, which is important so consumers tasting menu that we serve, as though his tongue would not stop to continue to taste it," said Bie San with a smile.
To give the flavor is so special pleasure, Bie San did not want to half-hearted, he immediately brought a chef from Makassar place of origin of food. "Pain like this can only be found in the region of origin, many eating places that claim they are the original menu, but just try to compare," he said.

A plate of this Kondro Beef Ribs, Jumbo Satay priced at Rp118 thousand. But it is certainly very reasonable price, because in addition to the jumbo size and can be enjoyed for five people, it's also certainly second to none.

There is no such thing Tail Soup. Not much different from Kondro Beef Ribs, Jumbo Satay oxtail soup are also served in the size eksta size.
"Then in another place it in the oxtail cut into small pieces and thinly. But not in our place. A portion of oxtail in it about 20 inches long yards," he explained.
This menu can also be enjoyed for five people. Oxtail was presented without any cut. To consume, consumers have to cut it yourself. "Very empok scratched just a little meat is cut off," Bie said San while practicing with the spoon to eat. Price menu similar to this one Kondro Beef Ribs.

In the line of beverages, Jumbo Satay Restaurant present a variety of special menu, including coconut ice green grass jelly, grass jelly ice mixed greens and a variety of other drinks that will not just be bidding thirst but also able to unpack in your heat.

Enjoy a meal at Satay Restaurant jumbo also did not make our bags were torn, because this time the restaurant was giving a massive discount program.

"For users of any credit card we discount 50 percent, if konsuman who pay cash will receive cash back is also 50 percent in the form of shopping vouchers," he said.
Discounts and cash back could be obtained after a consumer ordering drinks hingag Rp125 thousand. (One)

Birthday Mega Mall, Residents Can Bengkong Mazda

BATAM, BUSINESS: Mega Mall shopping center celebrated its sixth birthday on Tuesday (31 / 5) night. The event was also attended by the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Batam, giving the grand prize of one unit of Mazda car, which was won by Dewi Sri Purwasih, residents Bengkong Indah II Blok D No. 57. Besides cars, there are several other types of gifts, ie, two units of motorcycles, and electronic gifts among eight washing machines, televisions and refrigerators.
At the anniversary event, titled "Amazing Year, 6th Anniversary", the Mayor said that the Mega Mall Batam has participated in improving the economy in the city of Batam. "Mega Mall is one of the mall is frequented by tourists both from abroad and domestic, because the mall is located in a strategic location," said Ahmad Dahlan.

In addition, Dahlan also said that since last year passed to permit the establishment of malls Pemko Batam. Thus, Pemko can regulate the presence of shopping malls in Batam. "Pemko Batam to temporarily stop the mall permission to society is quite representative. This is to prevent unfair competition," he said.

Local governments, called Dahlan will build various infrastructure and facilities and improve public services to attract investment as well as a visit to Batam. "Hopefully Batam become a mainstay and pride for Indonesia it appears logical," he said.

Vice President of Mega Mall Batam Centre, Peter said the success of the Mega Mall is inseparable from the satisfaction of the tenants. "Satisfaction is the primary tenants for us. Tenant must look for a second or third place elsewhere. This is what we always keep," he said.
These anniversary events enlivened by artists of the capital, Eka Putri, and a number of other local artists. The visitors are also treated to dance with entertainment and fashion shows. (Cr5)


Typical Chinese tea with the aroma and freshness Extraordinary

Healthy Living with Pu'er Tea

Batam Business: Starting from the hobby and love of tea, Serlin owner
Pu'er Tea shop is the courage to try his luck in business local specialty tea Yunan, China. And the result is remarkable, stores open at Mall Ground Floor BCS or rather in front of the Bank 's that many consumers visited the tea lovers and those who promote health.
"This tea is efficacious to prevent all kinds of diseases such as preventing cholesterol, improving blood
circulation, kill toxins in your body, prevents stomach ulcers, gout, nourish and smooth the skin, there are many more," said Serlin on POSMETRO.
He explained to get a perfect result from the enjoyment of tea, then consumers should be presenting it in hot conditions.

"If served hot, it smells really should, it was also so good and refreshing to the throat and mouth," he added.

This tea also has the flavor and aroma are more comfortable if didimpan in a long time. "Unlike other tea-tea, if stored longer become stale, but if Pu'er Tea, the longer it is stored then it seems it will be more delicious, fresh scent is also increasing," he said.
In addition to selling tea, Pu'er Tea Shop also provides a variety of accessories and tea making equipment, ranging from bowls, cups, pitchers, teapots, bowls, and other.

"All the tea-making equipment was made of clay, so it is very natural. For those of you who want to taste all the flavor of tea, Serlin invite for a visit to his shop." No need to pay, we love free until her thirst is lost, "Serlin lid with a smile. For more information, you can contact the phone number 0778-7077276. (mb4/one)


Ocean Optical, Latest Collection for Eye Care

BATAM, BUSINESS: Top really! This word was the first to come out when we see the latest models from the sun glases issued by Porsche Design with Polarized lenses (anti-UV).
Imagine, for those of you who like adventure with riding a motorcycle and a car, sun glases is the perfect venue to become a loyal patron silaunya your eyes from sun, dust and all forms of dirt during the trip.

These special products can be found in Ocean Optical, Botania Shopping Complex, Batamcentre with a very affordable price of only 300 thousand.
"With a perfect model, sun glases is suitable for men and women," said Jeddy, owner of Ocean Optical yesterday.

He explained that there are various sizes of frames and lenses that can be chosen by the consumer, so the maching with the shape of the face and body of consumers who use them.
"If her face oval yes we live search frames according to face shape, as well as the owner of a round face, and a little plot," continued Jeddy.

Adding new sun glases it has the advantage to filter the sun's rays by 60 percent. So our very eyes will remain normal and cool even though the sun is very hot.
In addition to sun glases, Ocean Optical also provides the latest softlens from Chameleon Colors have very high water content so that when worn will provide more comfort for the wearer.

"This addition intuk Softlens enhance and beautify the appearance, is also very good for the eyes, because it can function as a protector and not cause irritation of its own," explained Jeddy.
Although this latest release but softlens priced at an affordable with our bags, ranging from Rp100 to Rp120 thousand thousands.

"We also have a collection of soflense that can raise brand eyeball with my eyes, and soflense patterned batik, so that when we wear batik clothes, this can give the impression of uniformity in appearance," added Jeddy.

Well as gratitude, Ocen Optics is currently terbar-dispersive massive discount. For consumers who shop by bringing potonga ads in POSMETRO, then given a very special discount.

"We do not care want to repeat customers or new customers, which is important to come with our advertising piece published in POSMETRO will we give discount price," he explained.
For those who are super busy, make the consultation around issues of your glasses and still be able to contact at 0778-7890660. (Mb13/one) 

Adira Finance - Issues Completed, Bonus Mobile

Batam Business: As one of the financing and crediting prusahaan largest in the country, Adira Finance has always entertain consumers that many surprises ease and prizes. During April of this example, each customer or customers who apply for cash loans, will get one Flexi plus card mobile phone unit, a direct alias Kring.

"No matter how much the loan, a clear maximum 70 percent of the motorcycle that his BPKB dianggunkan to Adira," said Restu Nofriko, Supervisor Adira Finance Loan Fund, when met at his office complex Bintang Mas, Block C # 3-3A, Seipanas , Batam.
Added a man who was familiarly called this Rick, the filing process in Adira borrowing very easy and fast. Applicants who would only bring BPKB dianggunkannya and photocopy of ID card.
"At that time three hours after the filing and surveys, cash is immediately able to take home," he explained.

Lending in Adira is different from other places, because in Adira, a consumer loan money to take home 100 percent intact with no cost-cutting and the first installment.
"Yes if ngajukannya Rp10 million, the take-home cash Rp10 million. If the company but rather usually borrowed Rp 10 million, but that diteriuma Rp8 million customers only, even smaller," explained Rick.

And by borrowing in Adira, motorcycle customers automatically are insured, plus life insurance customers. Talk of interest problem, Rick explains the interest in Adira is very light only around 1.9 percent to 2 percent. Determination of interest was determined with a long or rapid credit period.

"The period of minimum 12 months maximum credit of 36 months, so it is very flexible," he continued.
The credit process can be done anywhere depends on the willingness of customers. For customers who are busy, can call or SMS to 0778-9130200, then the party will visit the customer Adira is to pick the file and process the credit.
"So no need to have customers who come to the office Adira, stay on our side who picked up the phone, provided BPKB motorcycle output will dianggunkan Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawaski, or a special type of sport," said Rick.

Well, you waiting for, for those who are currently facing economic problems, immediately call the phone number above, or go to the office Adira Finance, of the debt by loan sharks, mending select companies that clear. (Ikl-mb3/one)