Foto Telanjang Bugil or (Bugil or Fulgar) Jenny Cortez???

Excerpted from When, Fulgarnya Photos circulating on the internet, Jenny Cortez deep calm cool though. But that does not mean he does not respond, but because bodied sexy actress was not in the ground water. alias in Bangkok.

Finally, the manager, Tata Lim who spoke about the circulation of naked photos of them.

"I have not seen the pictures, so I can not comment, but Jenny did it before and until now is the image model,"

Although his profession as a photo model, Tata claimed if the client is not a porn model. Especially naked acting like the one in Jenny's photos now circulating on the Internet.

"To the vulgar images or nude seems impossible, because recently he also became a model for adult men's magazines and I go there for. No vulgar kok, until visible breasts or other parts. If sexy hell yes," he explained.

So, where Jenny is right now? "He's still a photo shoot in Bangkok. The possibility of two or three days the two home," Tata said.

Since yesterday, vulgar photographs Jenny Cortez circulating on the Internet. Photos that had supposedly from casting the results of the latest movie PENGANTIN Waterfall. However, Ody Mulya such as film producer denied if the pictures were for the film. Excerpt from (kpl / WWN / boo)
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