Wild Video Girl Msturbasi with Eels

This scene cuts per scene masturbation video dirty girl with eels, duration 3 minutes 17 seconds in 3gp format.
This video is outstanding after the issue broke out Batam Mukakuning girls died after masturbation with eel.

Batam, Metro: news death of a girl Mukakuning Dormitori residents due to masturbate (masturbation) using eels, a new story tails stir. After the news circulated, now spread video of a girl who masturbate with eels. There are allegations, the girl who died was rumored to be inspired by the video. Posmetro coverage following the circulation of videos related to the circulation of obscene to hape hape it;
The video as well as other videos that are stored in each hape, 3 gp format. Duration of three minutes seventeen seconds. The cast of women, slightly wavy shoulder-length hair and painted a little blonde. Her face was quite pretty.
The girl who estimated about 25-year-old was wearing a sleeveless gown but the collar. The top was decorated white lace. Part waist down gown worn purple stripes.


Mastubarsi action was carried out on the bed mat mat. Room walls made of plywood. Possibility, masturbation is done in one room in the house wild (Ruli). Not yet known exactly where the Ruli's area. In the first minute, girl masturbating with a way to sit. Then he continued in the second minute with a lie. Eels are used as sex aids that allegedly die in the state, held tightly with both hands.
Who's dirty video recorder, still unknown. This video circulation also received various responses from residents of Batam. A private employee in one of the companies in the region which claimed Batamcentre already seen the tape claiming sick after watching. Call it Meymey name. "A few days after seeing, wuaaak ... gonna puke!" He said. The employee was admitted to see the footage of his colleagues where he worked.

Edo (25), which is also one of the employees in different company says, it could have happened. Responding to the death of a woman due to an eel masturbated with it. Perhaps the Edo said, because of lack of entertainment. "Children's pete kept so busy working can not go everywhere," he said.
Moreover Edo said, employees who work overtime days spent in the workplace. "Let alone go play, watch it sometimes did not get much less read a newspaper," he said. Try just think, go Edo, activities factory workers, to come to work at seven o'clock to leave at six to the house much, if OT (over time) to come home at seven if not eight o'clock, came home immediately because tergelatak tired, which could again other activities. "If you could practically see the sun just is not there," he said again.
If the short time it was used for negative things, like a porn movie and making wishes that had been long hidden and difficult to be distributed unnatural act. "It was for the so-gituan," he explained.
Edo said it happened because now easily found in VCD and DVD porn movies and porn sites. "If not from the VCD, live porn site download aja, finished," he said. But it's all macho-looking man said this to the person terpulang respectively. "It depends on each other," he said smiling.
Similar opinion was also expressed Setiawan (25), which is also listed as an employee in one electronic company. Setiawan argued, the children of workers in Batam, especially those living in dormitories or less familiar with the outside world. "Yes, because that was a time-out to work, where else know what happened outside," he said.
Said a man wearing a hat this hobby, if you live in the dorms, the environment is not changing. "If the girls, girls all-day and day of each girl wrote," he said. If there is time, actually utilized to the maximum extent possible. "If there is ngajak go out (to play) would they want to," he said.
Meanwhile, a housewife also provide feedback about it that. Residents in Housing Complex was declared Batamcentre BSI girl action in the video was very mad.
"Maybe his brain has an error, the eels mature masturbation," he said, shaking his head and asked that his name is not written in the newspaper.
Meanwhile, other residents, also stated that almost the same thing. "I was horrified to hear it. How come like that huh? "Said a colleague again.

Married Payer,
Use Eel Haram
Back to the videos circulating obscene, probably masturbate girl who was not killed because the eels are used was dead. If the eel still alive, can be fatal because it has a sting. "Sex and wound infections occurred. Injuries and infections that could have caused eels (poison), it is dangerous. But thank the patient's life at that time we can save, "it explained Dr. Judge who claimed to have handled the critical effect girl masturbating with eels.
Hospital owners Valentines Mother (RS KASI) reveals masturbation using sex fantasy eels are very dangerous even fatal culprit.
Meanwhile, Psychologist Evy Rakryani rate, the woman who died from masturbation with eel that was often made sexual intercourse, including masturbation in various ways. "Most likely already been done (sexual intercourse) or masturbation," he said.
Chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Kepri, Ashari Abbas asserted, have fun with yourself or the so-called masturbation for men and for women masturbation is haraam in Islam. You might damage the nervous system around the genitals.
"Whoever did the deed, whether he was a teenager (male and female) of men who have been married or women who have married, the law remains unlawful," he said, Monday (14/12).
Harbored a desire to perform this action, namely by way of fasting and prayer.
"This is the most efficacious drugs. So if the desire is so strong, get fast or pray, "he said again.
In addition to prayer and fasting, Ashari Abas had the most sensible tips. "To avoid masturbation obliged to marry," he said.
He also explains the early appearance of one's desire to perform these actions are berhaya.
"Which may cause Berhaya also forbidden lust. This is based on the jurisprudence of law, "he said.
Abas Ashari opinion is also reinforced by an article in the column Posmetro syiar Monday edition of 29 pages (14/12).
Columnist, Ramon Damora also Vice Chairman General Posmetro expressly entitled "Onani Haram, Point!" (Sha / Qul / AMS)

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