Tube baby or fertilisasi (fertilization) in vitro

Most likely ... to obtain the offspring of each pair is longed for but if the couple has done all the way and still have not work out, then there are other methods as "a last resort to obtain the child." Method is through a tube Baby.

Tube baby or fertilisasi (fertilization) in vitro fertilization is a technique in which egg cells (ovum) fertilized outside the woman's body. The process of fertilization is done in a special kind of tube or petri bowls containing culture medium. Tube in the kondisikan such that resemble the original conception of the female womb. Principles tube baby that actually serumit not be. The team doctor is to help unite the cells of the mother's egg and sperm cells from the father before conception occurs.

The process is firstly to do with the egg cells from women who recently experienced ovulasi (release of egg cell ovary) by using a special tool and egg cells are taken before a fertilized with sperm in the tube had already been created exactly the atmosphere like in the womb . Results fertilization kept some time in the tube until at a certain time will be "planted" in the womb to return to the woman. Expected next fetus will grow as the withdrawal of women in the womb and the woman will experience during pregnancy and development of the pregnancy as normal. There are two methods in the process tube baby, the sperm injection and conventional intra sitoplasma (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection / ICSI). Two methods was conducted with a variety of different considerations.

Only if the conventional method based on medical considerations, sperm cells can still swim and fertilize egg cells themselves. At first this technique is done ovary stimulation (superovulasi). Excitation lasts 5-6 days until egg cells are considered mature enough to "be". Furthermore, the egg cell taken with the guidance tool ultrasonografi through the vagina. When egg cells are stored in the incubator, sperm removed, cleaned, and taken about 50,000 - 100,000 men. Sperm are distributed around the egg cell in a special container. Where the possibility of tube baby comes, because fertilization takes place in a tube.

Cells that have been fertilized eggs, marked with the two cell nucleus, soon split into embryo. A maximum of four embryo developing in the womb to the plant. The process then not far different from the normal pregnancy. Level of success of this method is about 15%, and if consideration is not technical and physiological method allows conventional ICSI is the method of choice terakhir.Berbeda the conventional way, in the ICSI only one sperm with the best quality. Sperm "blade" that, through a special pipette, akan injected into an egg cell that is also best. This method is generally carried out on sperm problems, for example, if the number of sperm motil after preparasi than normal (500,000 units). Egg cell fertilized by one sperm cell is injected by a special needle. Sperm cells do not need to make every effort to swim the eggs penetrate the cell wall. After fertilization occurs and the embryo formed, made "planting" in the womb. With this technique, the success of tube baby increased to 30 - 40%, especially in the fertile age couples.

Cost issues, the use of ICSI method tended to slightly more expensive than tube baby method konvensional.Program are relatively expensive. In addition to the equipment requires high, the price of medicines stimulasinya can also be reached Rp 18-20 million. Because it has not been produced in the country, drugs are all must be shipped from overseas. Cost tube baby program is in the range of Rp 30-50 million. Several hospitals in Indonesia that have been successful with this program among Children & maternity Hospital Harapan Kita, Jakarta RSUPN Cipto Mangunkusumo Jakarta, Hasan Sadikin Hospital Bandung, RSUP Dr. Sardjito Yogyakarta.

Couples couple who are interested to follow this tube baby program must meet several requirements. Among other things, they are a legitimate couple husband and wife, married 12 months or more, the wife must be aged under 42 years old, and the fertility examination. They also have to get counseling about the specific program fertilisasi in vitro, procedures, costs, likelihood of success or failure and komplikasinya, ready to charge and ready to get pregnant, birth, and keep the baby.

If you see a fertility factor, ideally for women aged between 30-35 years. This means, on the age-age is the percentage of successful tube baby higher if compared to the age of women who are older (36-40 years). Almost a quarter century is the age of technology, medical tube baby so much progress already achieved and the more days the more promising. This technology is proven to help couples who experience marital difficulties to obtain offspring. Only problem the cost is still a major obstacle in the implementation of this technology.
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